Mollytop Whippets

   Jothryn Future Legend with Mollytop JW "AKA Sika" DOB 12/02/18

                               (Mollytop Dream Maker x Jothryn Fly a Way Rebel)

                                          2018 Show Results


* 3rd MPD Welsh KC Judge: Mr Alain Dumortier (France)


* 1st Puppy at Dog Newton Abbot BPIB: HG 2  Judge: Liz Woodward


* 1st MPD, Best Dog Puppy at City of Birmingham. Judge: Mrs Ray


* 1st MPD & BPIB Richmond Champ Show. Judge: Mrs Alayna Allen


* 2nd MPD Darlington Champ Show. Judge: Mr R Moreland


* 2nd MPD South Wales Champ Show. Judge: Mr R Sykes


* 2nd MPD SYWC Champ Show. Judge: Mr Colin Ashmore


* 1st MPD & 1st ND NEWS Open Show : Judge Miss K Hufton


* 2nd MPD & 1st ND NEWS Champ Show. Judge: Mr G Robertson


* Best Puppy, BOB, 4th HG & Best Puppy in Group at

  Torquay & District 90th Anniversary Show 2018


                                          2019 Show Results


* 1st PD & GD. BPIB. Puppy HG3 Boston Champ Show: Mr J Scholes


* 2nd PD  Manchester Champ Show. Judge: Mr H Heathcote


                Sika gains his JW at just under 12 months old

IMG_0588 copy IMG_0587 copy IMG_0589 copy 41321485_2190796754485702_4674691934529257472_o copy 7x4.5 Sika BIENNIAL PROOF copy


A lovely way to end his puppy career

Sika ...Jothryn Future Legend for Mollytop JW


   TOP WHIPPET PUPPY 2019 at the moment !! in Our Dogs


* 1st JD Welks Champ Show: Judge Mrs J Whitehead


(Sika was all so  considered for R.C.C & it was very exciting For Carol

& John to see father and son in the ring together at the end competing

with all the other winners.)


* 1st JD NWA Champ Show: Judge Mrs R Holland