Mollytop Whippets

Mollytop Dream Maker JW (AKA Star) 1.R.C.C.

 Ch Whiprose Irish Coffee at Sobers x Mollytop Dreamy Lady


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JEFF3153Jeff JEFF2891Jeff

                                                  2016 Show Results


* 1st MPD Bath Champ Show 2016 Judge: Mr J Horswell

* 3rd MPD Southern Counties Champ Show 2016: Judge Mr Age Gjtnes

* 4th MPD Three Counties Champ Show 2016 : Judge Miss Margaret Dixon

* 2nd MPD East of England Champ Show 2016 : Judge Mrs S Gibbons

* 2nd MPD EAWC Champ Show 2016 : Judge Liz Third

* BOB, HG2, BPIS Widecombe & District Canine Society

* 3rd MPD Hound Champ Show 2016 : Judge M Delabelle

* 3rd MPD Paignton Champ Show 2016 : Judge C. Osborne

* 3rd PD WKC Champ Show 2016 : Judge Mr B Reynolds Frost

* 2nd PD Birmingham Ch Show 2016: Judge Mrs J Whitaker Crosby

* 1st ND SWKA Ch Show 2016 : Judge Mr M Coccoza

* 2nd PD Midland Whippet club Ch show 2016 & 1st ND Judge: Mrs K Fisher Home

* 1st PD Midland Counties Ch Show 2016: Mrs C Boggia

* 1st PD NEWS Ch Show 2016:


                                                    2017 Show Results


* 3rd JD at Manchester Champ Show: Judge Mr Ian Halbert

* 2nd JD & ND at WCOW Single Breed Show 2017 : Judge Mr Ken Andrew

* 1st ND & 3rd JD at SWWC 2017 : Judge Miss Tracy Hoare

* 3rd JD at Crufts 2017 : Judge Miss M. Martin

* 1st Novice At Houndshow of Wales : Judge Miss M. Dillon

* 2nd ND & 3rd SBD National Whippet : Judge Vanna Leahart

* 1st ND at Birmingham National : Judge Mr Wendell Moore

* 2nd GD at Windsor Champ Show: Judge Mr Frank Kane

* 3rd GD at Bournemouth Ch Show : Judge Mrs D Phillips

* 3rd GD WKC Champ Show : Judge Mrs Dawn Mason

* 3rd GD Paignton Champ Show : Mrs Carole Neale

* 1st GD City of Birmingham Show : Mrs N Warner

* 2nd GD Midland Whippet Club: Judge Rachel Snelgrove

* 2nd GD SWKA: Judge H Ogden

* 1st GD Midand Counties: Judge Julie Candler

Below : Latest images of Star August 2017

jeff4689JEFF4689 jeff4692JEFF4692 jeff4687JEFF4687 copy jeff4698JEFF4698 JEFF6035 JEFF6040

Star below winning Graduate Dog at

Midland Counties Champ Show 2017

Judge Julie Candler

                                       2018 Show Results


* 2nd LD at Bournemouth Champ Show 2018: Judge Mrs J Boughton-White


* 1st LD at SYWC Champ Show 2018. Judge: Mr Colin Ashmore


* 2nd LD at NEWS Champ Show 2018 Judge: Mr G Robertson


                                       2019 Show Results


* 1st LD at Boston Champ Show Judge: Mr J Scholes


* 2nd LD WELKS Champ Show. Judge: Mrs J Whitehead


* 1st LD  & R.C.C. WCOW Champ Show: Judge Mrs Rachel Smith


                                      2020 Show Results


* 1st LD Manchester Champ Show: Judge Mrs A Snelgrove


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